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LFR Adventure Company - Society of Wandering Adventurers and Treasurehunters (S.W.A.T.)

While the members of this society have build a name for themself as notorious, treasureseeking, brawling and corpserobbing adventurers, they secretly have sworn an oath to oppose the forces of darkness and evil that surround the goodly regions of Cormyr, the Dalelands and the elven realm of Myth Drannor.

- The members must be from one of the following regions: Cormyr, the Dalelands or Myth Drannor. A character that is not from one of these regions must be sponsored by an existing member that is from one of these regions.
- The members must swear an oath to oppose the Zhentarim, Sembia and the Netherese whenever they can.
- The members must show they are true adventurers by being trained in at least one of the following skills : Streetwise (notorious), Perception (treasureseeking), Intimidate (brawling) and Thievery (corpserobbing). If the character can show evidence that they oppose Sembia, the Netherese and the Zhentarim or that they have gained the favor of Cormyr, the Dalelands or Myth Drannor, they might gain a free pass for this skill requirement. If your character earned a story award that proves this (for example CORM01 or WEEK06), the skill training requirement is dropped.

Current Members
Solanthalasar 'Solar' Sunburst - Eladrin Wizard (Jeroen Janssens, 2109868783)
Ferrin Tobbelwood - Halfling Rogue (Jurgen De Landsheer, 1204215361)
Sardin Ancho - Genasi Warlord (Adriaan Van Bauwel, 1204215153)
James Wolf - Halfling Fighter (Kurt Michiels, 1204215347)
Delazar Dalmor - Eladrin Wizard (Fausto Passarelli, 7169882345)
Corrin Mason - Human Cleric of Kelemvor (Patrick Meganck, 121291628)
Ilyena Silverfur - Shifter Paladin of Sel√Ľne (Marijke Van Gysegem, 1204215083)
Norad - Elf Ranger (Patrick Catalano, 1204215226)
Maya - Elf Rogue (Katrijn De Maere, 1204215392)
Don'Aar - Dragonborn Warden (Joost Smekens, 1212917166)
Dane Kirtol - Half-elf Paladin (Wim Props, 1204215330)
Arjuna - Githzerai Hybrid (Frank Zaeske, 106009584)
Hyorinmioun - Shardmind Assassin (Anton Engels, 1204215229)

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It ISN'T Hyorinmioun, but it is Hyorinmaru.
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