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Agenda Januari 2010

Gelieve op voorhand in te schrijven. Dit kan door een e-mail te sturen naar rpga-lva@skynet.be, door een reactie achter te laten op deze blogpagina, of door een bericht achter te laten op onze mailinglist http://groups.google.com/group/rpga-lva.

Zondag 3 januari - Living Forgotten Realms
Slot 1: AGLA1-5 - Silver Lining - DM Joost Smekens
The commander of the Watchwall is looking for adventurers for a special mission into the Tannith Mountains. The Watchwall is always undermanned and Captain Arol thinks he may have found some new recruits. But war, like politics, can make for strange bedfellows. A Living Forgotten Realms adventure set in Aglarond for characters levels 1-4.
Samenkomst in Hermelijn om 14:00. Start om 14:15.

Zaterdag 16 januari - Living Forgotten Realms
Slot 1: CORE1-7 - Sovereign of the Mines - DM Jeroen Janssens
Someone is interfering with valuable shipments from the mining community of Ioma Town. Production is way down, and the rulers of Amn aren’t pleased. The evidence indicates that it’s an inside job… deep inside. Adventurers are needed to go into the mines and find out who (or what) is trying to sabotage the Iomic Crystals. A Living Forgotten Realms adventure for characters levels 7-10 set in the Nelanther Isles.
Samenkomst in Hermelijn om 11:30. Start om 12:00.

Zaterdag 23 januari – Scales of War
Slot 1: Scales of War – DM Wim Props
The campaign continues with the adventure Siege of Bordrin's Watch. This is an adventure for 4th level characters. Check out the campaign website for more information.
Samenkomst bij Hermelijn om 11:00. Start om 11:15.

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Zondag 03/01 - Slot 1 (14:00-18:00) - AGLA1-5 (1-4)
DM Joost
#1 Jeroen - Dwarf Cleric
#2 Anton - Human Paladin
#3 Wim - Genasi Warlord
#4 Robin - Human Swordmage

Zaterdag 16/01 - Slot 1 (11:30-18:00) - CORE1-7 (7-10)
DM Jeroen
#1 Joost - Human Cleric
#2 Frank - Gnome Wizard
#3 Jurgen - Halfling Rogue
#4 Wim - Half-elf Paladin

Zaterdag 23/01 - Slot 1 (11:15 - 19:00) - Scales of War
DM Wim/Fausto
#1 Joost
#2 Jeroen
#3 Fausto/Wim
#4 James
#5 Jurgen
#6 Marijke