dinsdag 28 september 2010

Agenda Oktober 2010

Gelieve op voorhand in te schrijven. Dit kan door een e-mail te sturen naar rpga-lva@skynet.be, door een reactie achter te laten op deze blogpagina, of door een bericht achter te laten op onze mailinglist http://groups.google.com/group/rpga-lva.

Zaterdag 2 oktober - Living Forgotten Realms
Slot 1: BALD1-6 Brothers In Arms - DM Jeroen Janssens
A frail alliance connects the city of Baldur's Gate to the nation of Elturgard, and when vital information crosses the border without authorization, that alliance is bound to be put to the test. Avisiting paladin's moral code clashes with the organization that has kept the city safe for more than a century, and the outcome may be hard to predict. A Living Forgotten Realms adventure set in Baldur's Gate for characters levels 4-7.
Samenkomst bij J&M om 13:00. Start om 13:15.

Zondag 24 oktober - Living Forgotten Realms
Slot 1: ADCP1-1 Jungle Hunt - DM Joost Smekens
A great hunt has been called in the jungles of Chult. The Amnian trading costers of Port Nyranzaru are competing to see which one can bring in the biggest, rarest beasts as trophies, and they’re looking for adventuring companies to do the hunting. Are you and your companions up to the challenge? A Living Forgotten Realms adventure set in Chult for characters levels 7-10.
Samenkomst bij Joost om 13:00. Start om 13:15.

Zondag 31 oktober – Scales of War
Slot 1: Scales of War – DM Wim Props
The campaign continues with the adventure The Temple Between. This is an adventure for 9th level characters. Check out the campaign website for more information.
Samenkomst bij J&M om 11:00. Start om 11:15.

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Anton1997 zei

ik kom 2 oktober en 24 oktober
2/10 = Human paladin
24/10 = Gitzerai psion

Jerre zei

Zaterdag 02/10 - Slot 1 (13:00-19:00) - BALD1-6 (4-7)
DM Jeroen
#1 Joost - Drow Sorcerer
#2 Marijke - Shifter Paladin
#3 James - ?
#6 Wim - Warforged Warlock

Zondag 24/10 - Slot 1 (13:00-19:00) - ADCP1-1 (7-10)
DM Joost
#1 Jeroen - Eladrin Wizard
#2 Wim - Half-elf Paladin
#3 Anton - Gitzerai Psion
#4 Jurgen - Halfing Rogue
#5 Frank - Monk/Druid Hybrid

Zondag 31/10 - Slot 1 (11:15 - 19:00) - Scales of War
DM Wim
#1 Jeroen
#2 Joost
#3 James
#4 Jurgen
#5 Patrick
#6 (Marijke)