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Agenda September 2011

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Zaterdag 3 september - Living Forgotten Realms
Slot 1: IMPI2-1 Goblings from Below - DM Jeroen Janssens
Strange goblins wielding weird arcane powers have been spotted near Lyrabar. Arcane fire flares at their command and the authorities of Impiltur want to know what they are doing and where they came from. A Living Forgotten Realms adventure set in Impiltur for characters levels 7-10. First part of the Blue Fire Goblins quest.
Samenkomst in Hermelijn om 13:00. Start om 13:15.

Zaterdag 17 september - Living Forgotten Realms
Slot 1: CORE2-1 Killing the Messenger - DM Joost Smekens
An ancient drow city, long thought dead, has begun to stir and a battalion of Zhentarim soldiers marches to support it. Can you discover who is behind this unlikely partnership? A Living Forgotten Realms espionage adventure set in the Underdark for characters levels 11-14. Sequel to QUES1-1 Black Cloaks and Bitter Rivalries.
Samenkomst in Hermelijn om 13:00. Start om 13:15.

Zaterdag 24 september – Scales of War
Slot 1: Scales of War – DM Jurgen De Landsheer
The campaign continues with the adventure Haven of the Bitter Glass. This is an adventure for 12th level characters. Check out the campaign website for more information.
Samenkomst bij J&M om 11:00. Start om 11:15.

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DM Jeroen
#1 Joost
#2 Wouter
#3 Isabelle
#4 Thomas
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#6 Jack

Zaterdag 17/09 CORE2-1 (LFR 11-14) vanaf 13:00 in Hermelijn

DM Joost
#1 Jeroen
#2 Frank
#3 Jurgen
#4 Wim

Zaterdag 24/09 Scales of War vanaf 11:00 bij J&M

DM Jurgen
#1 Jeroen
#2 Joost
#3 Patrick
#4 James
#5 Wim