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Adventure Path

The Campaign

We are starting a campaign that will take the characters from 1st to 30th level through the series of adventures (H1-H2-H3-P1-P2-P3-E1-E2-E3) published by Wizards of the Coast. This campaign is open to all players. After each adventure we will switch to another dungeon master.

Every character (even if that character's player is not present or if he is the DM) gains the same amount of XP (combat, skill challenge and quest). When the next adventure begins, every character gains enough additional XP to reach the minimum level of that adventure. In-game the missing characters are always present but outside the encounter (guarding the rear in dungeons, scouting ahead or the flanks in wilderniss area, doing something else when in rural area, …). XP will be handed out during the session. Characters can level during the session but only after an extended rest. Every player should prepare the level-up for his character. Character death will follow the standard rules. There will be no charity clause.

Each level, each character can find one magic item parcel with a magic item lvl+2. By the end of the adventure, the DM makes sure all characters (including absent players’ characters and the DM’s character) received their allotment of found magic items. The players should prepare their list of magic items and deliver it to the DM before the adventure. The party will find other monetary rewards in a per character format in stead of a nominal amount. The total money (including residiuum) found will be logged on this site. Each player must keep track of his money spend which may not be more than his remaining starting gold in addition to the gold per character found. If the partymembers must pay something (ferry, food, ...) all characters must pay it (including the characters who's players are not present). These expences will be deducted in the same per character format as for found gold.

The Characters

We are looking for characters with depth that can be roleplayed in stead of being rollplayed. They should be generally good alligned, teamplayers and interested in the story lines. If you are interested, you can send a character proposal to Jeroen that contains the following information: race, class, character concept (history, demeanor, ...), Role (striker, defender, ...) and campaign hook (see below). You do not need to send a detailed character sheet at this time. Take into account that your characters are only just starting their adventuring career (0 xp). Do not send these proposals to the whole group.

Character Creation

Ability Scores : 22 Point Buy

Equipment: 100 gp.

Background: Characters can choose backgrounds from either the general backgrounds or the Scales of War specific backgrounds. Other backgrounds are not allowed. If you do not have access to these backgrounds, contact Jeroen or Joost.

Deity: Deities are limited to core deities only.

All published (in a book) Wizards of the Coast material is allowed. Dragon content is also allowed with the exception of playtest material.

Campaign Hooks

When starting the campaign, your character finds itself en route to the town of Winterhaven for one of the following reasons:

A) You seek news of your old friend and mentor Douven Stall. He trained you for a life of adventure but left three months ago and headed for Winterhaven. He should have returned some time ago. you fear the worst and are determined to find out what happend to your mentor.

B) You were hired by a scholar named Parle Cranewig to locate an old keep and map it.

C) You were contacted by Marla, a young priest of Bahamut, whose research has led here to believe a secret cult has set up shop in the area.

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